Check engine light on?
Weird noise when you break or accelerate?
Bring your car in for a full check-up.

  • Check Engine Light
  • Engine Coolant Warning
  • Check Oil Light
  • Warning Light
  • Break System Warning
  • Check Battery Light
  • Airbag Warning Light
  • All lights and warnings on
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We will take care of all your needs. From preventative maintenance such as oil changes, to general maintenance like engine rebuils.

  • A/C not cold
  • Squeaking brakes
  • Rough idling
  • Grinding transmission shifting
  • Knocking engine
  • Vehicle pulls to the left or right
  • A/C not cold
  • Heater too hot
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Avoiding costly repairs is all about how well you maintain your vehicle. It is this regular maintenance that will save you from a calling a tow truck.

  • Oil changes
  • Air filters
  • Transmission flush
  • Engine coolant flush
  • Brake check
  • Engine timing and belts
  • Battery charge and contacts
  • Tire rotation and balance
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List of Services

Computer Diag & Health Check

Airtech Automotive - computer diagnostics
Your A/C, transmission, safety systems and just about every component in your vehicle has some type of computer which controls it. Let us check that annoying light on your instrument panel.

Air Conditioning  System

Airtech Automotive - air conditioning  system
Your air conditioner not blowing cold air? Your heater is blowing air that is too hot? Bring in your vehicle for a full system check. We will make it new again.

Engine &

Airtech Automotive - emission and transmission
Are there strange noises coming from your engine? Does the vehicle make loud or weird noise when the transmission shifts or during acceleration? It is time to bring it to the experts at Airtech Automotive.

Break System /

Airtech Automotive - breaks and abs systems
When you hear that squealing noise as you break, that is the warning system of your vehicle letting you know to contact Airtech Automotive. Prolonging the call can lead to very expensive repairs.


Airtech Automotive - engine performance
As your vehicle gets older, you may feel it no longer accelerates the same as when new. Loss of engine performance is a very common sign that your vehicle is not being properly maintained. We can bring that engine back to specs.

Fuel System

Airtech Automotive - fuel system
Small, yet so important, the fuel filter is a commonly overlooked component. The correct fuel for your vehicle; winter fuel versus summer fuel; fuel concerns when moving from a cold state to Arizona – we have answers to all these questions and more.

Cooling System

Airtech Automotive - cooling system
No, this is not about your a/c. Your cooling system keeps your vehicle from blowing up due to excessive heat. Its the water pump, radiator, engine thermostat, hoses and other plumbing that circulate the coolant around the engine block and heads. Airtech checks all of them.

Emission System

Airtech Automotive - emission system
Noxious chemicals such as CO2 and nitrogen oxides are released into the air as you drive. These are the dangerous gases that, when left unchecked, reach our atmosphere create acid rain. Airtech can help your carbon footpring. Bring it in to us before getting your fail notice at the DMV!

Suspension System

Airtech Automotive - suspension system

Uneven wear of your tire surface is a tell-tell sign of suspension problems. However, if your vehicle feels like driving a low-rider, call us. If you feel like you are in a bouncy house after going over a single speed bump, call us. We will check the dog bones, the bolt joints and every nut.

Electrical System

Airtech Automotive - electrical system
All components of you vehicle are somehow connected by some kind of electrical wiring. The newer the vehicle, the more sensors and computer systems it will have. We, at Airtech Automotive, have the state of the art diagnostics systems and equipment. We can program your computer in-house.

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